Motorhome Parking UK

A Guide to Motorhome Parking in the UK

As motorhomes become more and more popular in the UK, we find a lot more customers enquiring and looking for advice on parking their motorhome. Where can you park a motorhome, can you sleep anywhere in a motorhome, is motorhome parking free are all the types of questions we are asked and whilst some of the answers are actually difficult to give a straight answer on, in this blog we’ll do our best.

Where can you park a motorhome?

As far as the law is concerned, motorhomes are taxable road vehicles so as long as they are taxed, they have a valid MOT and are insured, they can be parked on any public street where there are no parking restrictions for vehicles.

This does not cover you for staying in your motorhome however and whilst you may be legally OK to park in your cul-de-sac, it might not go down well with your neighbours, so in the interest of maintaining harmony, we would always suggest matching your rights to park with consideration for others.

Where can I park my motorhome for staying overnight?

The ideal scenario most motorhome users would love would be driving to any spot that suits, choosing the best locations, parking up and camping overnight where your travels have taken you.

Unfortunately, “Wild Camping” like this is illegal in the majority of towns and cities in the UK. Local bye-laws typically ban the use of public roads for camping which includes local authority car parks, lay-bys and even in streets.

There are however a lot of free campsites across the UK and many pubs and road side services allow over-night stays where they have private parking so don’t be afraid to ask, a friendly manner can go a long way when touring. We found this list of free campsites for your reference.

And, if you’ve planned ahead, caravan sites across the UK will allow motorhome, caravan and tent camping for a reasonable fee in most cases. A quick google search for “motorhome parking near me” should give you a list of local campsites/holiday parks.

What about parking in an emergency??

With all the will in the World, sometimes things just don’t go to plan and you might find yourself somewhere you don’t know well, late at night with nowhere to go. In this situation, you really just need to be sensible and, very importantly, considerate.

Should you find yourself in a strange village, down some country lane or even in a car park somewhere late at night, the chances of you disturbing anyone are slimmer. But if you block a street or access to a home and decide to have a lie in, you’re probably going to find you’ve upset someone.

If you have to park somewhere, be sure to do so quietly (no parties under your awning), ensure you are parked safely and without causing any obstruction to roads or blocking access to building and houses and get up nice and early and you should be OK. In short, with some common sense and consideration applied, you are unlikely to find yourself in any sort of trouble.