The estate car has remained a standard part of the family life of the British people for many generations. Bringing together a small van's luggage capacity and the comfort offered by a saloon car, the family estate was typically preferred by most of the families until SUVs and MPVs began gaining popularity in the 90's.

Everyone who travels regularly, or has pull-bags of garden rubbish and grass clippings will discover the additional convenience of the big boot of the estate car as a definite blessing. Not everybody is interested in an enormous, thirsty SUV, and most of the households don't have a high population to demand five spare seats; therefore an MPV is not necessary.


Benefits of 4 Wheel Drive Estates Cars
An estate car is usually a more talented load-haulier than MPVs and SUVs. It is typically lower than an SUV, meaning the boot floor is very close to the road, and you don't have to lift heavy luggage very far to put them inside the vehicle. The rear seats of an estate car typically fold flat in a simple movement, providing an extended, flat luggage bay for carrying extra-large items. 
The other benefit of an estate car is the way it moves. Driving an estate car is not comparable to driving a salon edition of a similar model. Actually, over the years, several estate cars have been more exciting to drive than their lighter counterparts. 
The estate car will also save you a lot of money due to its high fuel efficiency. Running an estate car will cost you less than running a saloon car. A four-wheel drive is also an advantage especially when the roads become slippery during icy and snowy conditions because it will give you a better grip to keep you safe when compared to its two-wheel drive counterparts.

The Best 4 Wheel Drive Estate Cars on the Market

BMW 3 Series xDrive
BMWs are famous for gliding on snow or ice, although BMW currently offers various large and medium four-wheel drive models. Hatchback 3, Saloon and estate models all come alongside the four-wheel drive to ensure you don't get stranded when it becomes slippery.

Skoda Octavia
If you are operating on a fixed budget and you don't intend to compromise on your space, Skoda Octavia is the best, and it comes with four-wheel at 1.6-litre diesel and 2.0-litre as well. The prices of this estate start below £22,000, but the 1.6 TDI is affordable to own since it has a fuel efficiency of 60.1mpg.

Audi A4
Allroad Audi model is prominent for delivering many four-wheel models. Whether you need a big-sized seven-seater or a two-seater sleek convertible off-roader, Audi offers a model to suit your needs. If you are a small estate buyer, you can choose between the A4 Allroad and a regular four-wheel-drive A4 with lump-filled tyres and durable stainless steel covers beneath to protect your engine in case you travel off the road.

VW Passat Alltrack
This model provides you with enhanced ground clearance and the option of two robust 2-litre diesel locomotives to enable you to cope well with snowy conditions and icy roads. VW Passat comes with self-sealing tyres to provide you with protection against punctures as well. 

Skoda Superb Estate
Skoda Superb boasts an extremely spacious boot and interior, and the four-wheel drive series comes with additional off-road capability. Diesel and petrol engines are on the market, and their prices range from £27,000 to £35,000.