Winter weather presents one of the most severe driving conditions than any other weather condition. It of vital importance to know what your vehicle is capable of so that you can prepare appropriately. You need to know the ‘Dos’ and the ‘Don'ts’ during the winter period. First of all breakdowns of the vehicle more than double during this time, the snow, winds, ice and rain cause mayhem with driving conditions. Therefore it is important to be prepared for winter weather with a simple checklist. 



First quickly check your vehicle fluid levels, ensure your exterior lights are working, and fit winter tyres. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge that winter vehicle maintenance is not different from normal maintenance. Therefore you should always conduct vehicle servicing before winter. Other checks include;-


Test Antifreeze

Antifreeze liquid stops water in the engine from freezing. The antifreeze tester is put in the coolant reservoir by squeezing the rubber bulb to suck antifreeze fluid into the tester.


Car battery

Batteries cells become easily destroyed during the winter period. When they struggle to start your car, then it means you need to buy a new battery. Take your vehicle to a specialist or car spares stockist and buy a new one.


Exterior lights

After checking your battery is sound and operational then test exterior lights. Visibility during winter is reduced. Also, days are shorter thus it is of paramount importance to check your vehicles exterior light to avoid vehicle mishaps and prevent injury or death. Check your car lights for dirt and salt which may reduce visibility during fog, rain or snow.


The screen wash

Check your windscreen wipers since the winter weather is wet. Make sure the screen wash bottle is not empty, or it might smear filth across the windshield causing you crash problems.


Winter Tyres

You should fit your vehicle with winter tyre since they offer better grip on the road, reducing the chances of rolling and causing an accident. Moreover, if the cost of these particular tyres is a problem you can check your current tread depth. The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. However, a higher the tread depth of at least 3mm is better. Lastly, always check your tyre pressure.


Emergency equipment to keep in your vehicle

• Torch and spare batteries, 
• Mobile phone and its powerbank,
• Hi-visibility vest
• warm coat/clothes, 
• blanket, 
• boots, 
• first aid kit, 
• Food and drink,
• warning triangle,
• A tow rope, 
• jump start cables
• A shovel,
• A scraper and de-icer

Precaution before setting off for a drive during winter. Always wait for your car to warm up before driving off, and the ice and snow have melted, and you have full visibility. It is important to note that its illegal to drive under such dangerous conditions. Also, ensure your breakdown cover is up to date and that the telephone number accessible in the vehicle or on the backup phone.

How to get your car ready for winter