Congratulations! While daunting, planning a trip to Europe with your motorhome is one of the greatest adventures to be had on four wheels. Like all great adventures preparing in advance will save countless trouble and headache down the road. Make sure to map out what countries and cities you plan to visit ahead of time so that you have a proper understanding of the motorway rules and regulations. Some countries require a safety triangle, first aid kit and even fire extinguisher to be kept with the vehicle at all times and the minimum age and speed limits can also vary between countries. When in doubt adhere to your insurance policy if it is more strict regardless of the area you are driving through.

If you will be travelling to many different spots make sure you have the necessary currencies and popular tourist spots figured out in advance so you do not miss anything when trying to find your way around a foreign land. One last piece of information you should always have with you is the exterior height and weight of the vehicle, failing to squeeze under an overpass can certainly ruin a trip!

Share the Load

If this is your first trip across Europe you might feel pressured to force as much of the region as possible into a single vacation but, it is important that you do not travel hundreds of miles every day without proper rest. Train your co-pilot on how to drive your motorhome, check your LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas), smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you and your family can see as much as possible in a safe and healthy way.

Compile two lists, one for setting up your campsite and one for packing it away and have at least two sets of eyes review it, not only will it make the process more efficient giving you more time to relax and see the sights but will prevent you from driving away without an important piece of equipment or with your antennae raised.

What to Bring

No motorhome vacation is complete without a hundred different gadgets and several rolls of duct tape. On any trip you will want to have access to:

  • Coin, to pay for showers, laundry and vending machines.
  • Disposable gloves for connecting and disconnecting from sewer hookups and dump stations
  • Paper plates, extension cords, plug adapters, and a GPS!


A European vacation is the trip of a lifetime. At times you will be stressed, lost and frustrated but remember while on board the motorhome the words "never" and "always" are eliminated from your vocabulary. Take the time to relax and enjoy your surroundings with the people you love and care for and you will have memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

How To Plan For Your Great European Motorhome Adventure!