“We’ve got an app for that” has become one of the most popular clichés of the 21st century, and a quick search on Google Play or similar sites tends to prove the point. A search will find a phone or mobile platform app for just about anything you can imagine.

Car owners have been fans of their gadgets since long before the invention of the internet or smartphones, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of apps out there with petrolheads in mind. Here are our top five free apps followed by our top five paid ones:


Free apps

1)     TrackR

According to a recent insurance survey, people waste an average 15 minutes of every day looking for items they have misplaced, and at the top of the list is your set of car keys. This app will immediately track them down from your smartphone.


2)     Live Traffic Info

The Highways Agency’s Traffic Control Centre will send information directly to your smartphone, and they will keep you updated on any problems and delays on the road ahead. This app is invaluable for those long summer day trips ahead.


3)     Trapster

Trapster describes itself as an all-round driving companion. It contains the shared experiences and knowledge of more than 20 million drivers around the world to inform you about traffic congestion, police speed traps and all sorts of other useful information.


4)     Find My Car

We love this app, which does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ve all had that experience of parking in a huge car park or a strange town and being unable to find the car. It seems funny later but can be stressful at the time.


5)     Motor Mate

This app could cause some debate. The brainchild of insurance comparison site confused.com, it assesses your driving style against expert drivers and can save you money on your insurance policy to boot.


Paid apps

1)     The Official DVSA Highway Code (£3.99)

Whether you are a new driver or have been on the roads for years, the latest copy of the highway code is something that you really shouldn’t be without.


2)     PetrolPrices Pro (£2.99)

Today, there is a greater variability than ever in petrol prices between one filling station and the next. This app will make sure you never get caught out by finding you the best petrol price in your area.


3)     AA Parking (£1.99)

This app will pay for itself the first time you use it by guiding you to the best, cheapest and most convenient car park wherever you want to go. It also has details for free parking areas and will even give you real-time information on how many spaces are free in supported car parks.


4)     Motorway Services UK (£0.69)

A great app for those summer holiday adventures with the kids, this app gives you the low down on what the facilities are like at hundreds of motorway service areas around the UK.


5)     Witness Driving (£0.69)

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular and can be a real bonus in the event of an accident. This handy app fulfils the basic purpose of a dash cam by recording the action through your windscreen on a rolling loop.

Ten of the best motoring apps