Most car enthusiasts would love to drive the latest model of their favourite brands. However, it is not always possible as such vehicles are incredibly pricey. The only way of enjoying the perks these cars have to offer is to purchase second-hand models. Used performance and luxury vehicles like the BMW sell way less than the newly released subcompact cars and sometimes outperform them.
For example, the cheapest BMW on the market during the year 2016 sold at £32741, which was way less than the first release car models. Having set the standard for performance luxury cars in the industry, BMWs remain a favourite choice among young car enthusiasts. Second-hand BMWs offer lots of benefits as they have already gone through a large percentage of the depreciation hit and some of them have some warranty left. Here are top 7second-hand BMW cars that buyers can choose:

2000 BMW 3 Series


BMW loyalists will opt for this model as it echoes most of the manufacturer's original features. The 323i combines performance, fun, practicality and efficiency. With a price range of £ 2690-£ 5355, the vehicle retains an impressive interior and exterior. A four-door, manual shift design is great for those looking for a sporty edge as the automatic configuration feels a little slow. It may need a little repair and maintenance, but overall it is a good model if you are looking for an original BMW experience.

2007 BMW X3


This model emphasises on performance and sportiness. The X3 is believed to successfully combine the features of an SUV (all-weather security, tall-wagon and dominating seating arrangement) with those of a BMW (agility, performance and exceptional power delivery). The 2007 design delivers outstanding all-wheel drive performance, though some drivers may find the suspension a little stiff. Its interior is spacious and comfortable, retaining BMW's level of quality. X3 remains the best BMW model thanks to its dedicated cornering response and accurate steering. A second-hand vehicle has a price range of £4,545- £4,600.

2009 BMW 7 Series


It was one of the most sought-after luxury sedans during that time due to its emphasis on sportiness and performance. The 2009 model still boasts exceptional handling that made drivers forget its small size. It has a Driving Dynamics Control System that allows car owners to change to a twisty back-road mode from a luxurious interstate setting. Being a 2009 model, its price has reduced considerably to now retail at £11,560.

2011 BMW 3 Series


This model combines handling agility, responsiveness and power, which will make you overlook the belief that BMW 3 Series manufactured during this period lacked the luxurious feature of most small cars. Instead, it is rated as the best fun cars to drive among young people. The 2010 BMW 3 Series is also available in different designs- a hardtop convertible, sedan, wagon and coupe. Additionally, drivers can choose from its range of engines- the 230-hp inline six-cylinder of the 328i, the twin turbo-diesel 335d that has a horsepower of 265 or the 300 hp turbocharged inline six for the 335i for a more riveting car experience. The 2011 BMW 3 Series second-hand model costs £11,064.

2013 BMW 1 Series


It is dubbed the philosophical heir of the BMW's original 2002 and 1600 models. The 2013 variant retained most of these model's features and was among the first sports sedans to be produced. BMW 1 Series disappeared from the manufacturer's lineup after the 2013 model was released, but it has not eroded the appeal of a used model. It features a small, compact size and produces ample power using its six-cylinder engine believed to deliver brisk acceleration. The cabin has a simple, yet elegant design given the premium materials used to construct it. You will find a second-hand model at a price range of £17,121- £18,000.

2014 BMW 3 Series


With BMW having released the 2018 BMW 3 series model, the 2014 classic is available for those looking for second-hand cars. Its price has reduced considerably now retailing at £21,687. The 2014 classic is ideal for those looking for young, elegant BMW vehicles fitted with modern features like infotainment systems. Its engine is pretty powerful, ranging from 180-300 hp.

2016 BMW 2 Series


The initial model featured a powerful 240 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, but 2016 2 series comes with a six-cylinder upgrade that adds 80 hp for exceptional performance. It has a cramped back seat and delivers outstanding handling. Since it is a relatively new BMW model, it has a higher price compared to other secondhand BMW cars, i.e., £32,741.


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