Used BMW Cars In London & West Sussex

4 Used BMW has been successfully retailing quality used BMW cars for over 30 years in South East London. We have built a solid customer base throughout the UK and have supplied over 10000 used BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 series BMW's not forgetting the ever popular X3 and X5 4x4 models. 

Now with the new BMW 2 and 4 series as well as the X4 and X6 4x4 models the BMW range and our stock levels have grown. With over 100 meticulously prepared used BMW cars in stock at any one time is likely that we will have the right car that you are looking for. 

Why buy a BMW 

Advertised as the 'Ultimate Driving Machine', BMW's cars have always been viewed as, aspirational, quality, longevity and delivering driving enjoyment. Whether it's the baby 1 Series hatchback or the top of the range X5 4x4 the BMW badge carries a prestige that many motorists aspire too.

The BMW range offers a large choice of petrol and diesel engines, and each has its merits. The efficient dynamics diesel units are modern, quiet and very economical, with certain models achieving over 55MPG and exempt from road tax charges.

BMW petrol engines are known for their smooth power delivery and a distinctive BMW sound... There's nothing quite like putting the pedal to the metal in a BMW 330i just to hear that German straight-six do its thing!

Whether you're looking for a new car to transport the whole family and the kitchen sink, a stylish commuter or a weekend toy, there's something in the BMW range for everyone.