Used Volkswagen Cars In London & West Sussex

Manufacturers of the original People's Car, Volkswagen have gone from making one model to suit all people to making various models for all manner of people! From the tiny city cars like the Up and Lupo to the large luxury saloons such as the Passat and Phaeton, we've seen them all.

As a used Volkswagen specialist, at any time we'll have a range of Golfs, Passats and Polos in stock.

Should I buy a used Volkswagen?

A used Volkswagen is a great investment, representing secure German engineering and a track record in robustness. Whether it's a frugal diesel or a more sporty petrol engine, you can be certain your Volkswagen will endure, whilst being cheap to run and maintain.

Which Volkswagen should I choose?

With so many models to choose from in the Volkswagen range, it can be hard to decide exactly which used Volkswagen is the one for you. Before you get to our site, take the time to browse our stock using the links on the right. All of our cars have detailed information available, such as the complete service history record. If you cannot find the car you are looking for, then give us a call - we'll be able to find the used Volkswagen for you.